With our children's program, you and your child will grow and learn through a variety of play, music, art and movement. From babies to 6 years, our expert-led classes provide an opportunity to nourish your little one’s development for years to come.  Begin with parent & child classes to spend quality time together and learn about important developmental milestones while having fun.  Once your child is ready have them try a "big" kids class on their own or one of our signature Drop-Off programs like Toddler Playschool or PreK Kreation Lab!


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Our Parent and Tot program was created by early childhood development experts to bring you the finest in enrichment and development classes. Each class is specifically designed to encourage both fine and gross motor skills, language and physical development and social skills.  Experience art, music, movement, and development play with your little one while making new friends and learning about the important milestones your child is experiencing.  Watch, learn, interact and play. Perfect for any caregiver, mom, dad, and even nanny to spend time bonding. 
Our "Big" kid classes are created to nourish your preschooler with movement, art, music and social skills.  Now that your little one is getting "bigger", it's time to start a few classes that help build independence, confidence, social skills and more!  Our classes combine introductory skills in karate, sports, yoga, music, art and movement.  There's something for everyone and every likes!
Our Drop Off program was designed for your tot, preschooler or kindergartener to help build independence, gain confidence and start a class or program on their own!  These drop-off programs provide superior care and instruction to give you a sense of ease while your child is socializing, learning and simply, having fun!  Whether it's once weekly or multiple days during school vacations or summertime, your child will learn, create, play and stay busy while you get some "you" time! 

Let's Play!    ♦    Art Sense   ♦     Language and Literacy
Classes for Babies: Sensory Seekers, Let's Play! Babies, Baby Sign Language
Classes for Tots:  Art Explorers, Let's Play Toddlers, Toddler Sign Language
Classes for Twos:  Preschool Picassos, Let's Play! Twos
Classes for "Big" Kids:  My Very Own Book Club, Mini Monets


Music   ♦   Movement   ♦   Yoga 
Classes for Babies: Baby Bliss Yoga, Shake it UP! Baby
Classes for Tots: Shake it UP! Toddler, Rollie Pollies
Classes for Twos: Shake it UP!, Preschool Picassos, Let's Play! Twos
Classes "Big" Kids: Shake it UP! Preschooler, Pee Wee Sport, Yoga for Wiggle Worms, Yoga Adventures, Tumble Bugs


Toddler Playschool   ♦    PreK Kreation Lab    ♦   Kid's Vacation Clubs


Begin classes at Mamas Move as soon as your little one arrives and we'll carry you and them through preschool!